There is a new kind of personal injury lawyer in California: the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office is helping people whose healthcare coverage is wrongfully taken away during a personal injury.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers know how hard it is nowadays to get insurance companies to cover medical bills during a personal injury, car accident or wrongful death accident.  It is great to see public officials stepping up to the plate to help injured persons when their health insurance is rescinded.

“We can’t let major health insurance companies get away with unlawful practices,” said the Los Angeles Chief Assistant City Attorney.

In September, 2007 the attorney formed an investigative team to interview alleged injured persons, many from car accidents, with cases of their healthcare coverage disappearing without warning.  Most cases of personal injury draw plaintiff personal injury lawyers, but now the rules have changed.

City attorneys and local DAs can launch criminal investigations and sue on behalf of the People of California.  This means criminal charges can be applied to cases of personal injury where healthcare coverage is taken away when it should not have been.

Our personal injury lawyers in San Diego believe that justice should be exercised when it comes to personal injury cases.

With the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office developing a new method for helping injured persons reclaim their health insurance it begs the question: how long before local government starts taking a bigger role in cases involving car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and wrongful death car accidents the way other personal injury lawyers do?

Until that happens, if you or a loved one is involved in a personal injury, you should have a trusted law firm that is ready to give you the proper legal representation in order to ease the pain and suffering that is caused by personal injury.

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