In a recent study, only 15 other states across the country ranked as more dangerous for vehicle accidents than California. Unfortunately, this will not come as a surprise to the many victims who have sustained injuries in accidents or the California personal injury lawyers who helped them recover after an accident occurs.


The California Office of Traffic Safety regularly compiles information about traffic accidents within the state, identifying that many of these are preventable accidents that lead to serious injuries and fatalities. Some of the statistics gathered by the California Office of Traffic Safety include:

  •    At least one injury occurs in more than 150,000 California vehicle accidents every single year.
  •    Approximately 3,000 car accidents in California lead to one fatality.
  •    More than 3,000 individuals die each year in traffic accidents across California.
  •    Injury crashes in California make up more than 220,000 injuries for victims.

In 2015, UC Berkley’s Transportation Injury Mapping System identified a number of San Diego county car accidents as well. Nearly 15,000 crashes occurred in total and more than 850 of them were severe injury accidents. Complaints of pain were logged by patients in more than 9000 of those accidents as well.


The local data and the statewide data indicates that California car accidents are a serious concern for victims. California car accidents can lead to vehicle damage and personal injury. There are many steps that could be taken to decrease the number of California car accidents happening every single year. Many of these wrecks are completely preventable as they are caused by distracted driving, drunk driving, or reckless behavior behind the wheel. What seems like just a moment of lost focus or care could lead to lifelong injuries for the victim.