Did you know that in a vehicle accident you may have legal claims against multiple parties including a negligent pedestrian, motorcyclist, driver, truck driver or the entity responsible for managing the roads?

There is less of a chance that you will have a defective road claim in California as a driver, however, because the smoothest roads are apparently in the Golden State.

The standards of smoothness are the tightest in the country across California. One contractor has even stipulated, however, that a smooth pavement is actually dangerous because corrective measures to enhance the smoothness of the road can minimize tactics that are designed to keep the roads safe in wet weather. If you have been involved in an accident and suspect that road conditions or road defects were the cause of your injuries or contributed to the severity of your accident.

What happens if the country’s smoothest roads actually cause you to have an accident? This might be worth exploring if you’ve already been in an accident during wet weather and couldn’t figure out why your car didn’t get decent traction. 

It’s vital to have an accident reconstruction specialist to view the scene and identify who might be held liable for the injuries you sustained. The right attorney is a necessary component of a full injury claim.