A recent research study identified that the Golden State is home to the highest number of selfies taken for every 100,000 residents. This behavior of taking pictures behind the wheel has become increasingly dangerous, since it pulls your focus away from the road, even if this is  just for a couple of seconds.

Driving selfies were analyzed by the Auto-Insurance Center. Individuals at that Center looked at more than 70,000 posts on Instagram for selfie and driving-related hashtags, to identify the top rankings. California came in just ahead of Nevada, Florida, and Hawaii. Are you guilty of taking driving selfies?

Research analysts at the Auto-Insurance Center believe that some of this behavior may be due to tourists, since all of these states are popular destinations for vacation. That being said, driving selfies are never safe.

Driving behind the wheel can be much more complicated when you are focused on taking a picture or being distracted by anything else, inside or outside of the vehicle. If you’re not paying close enough attention, you could find yourself involved in a serious distracted-driving accident. Individuals who cause a distracted-driving accident can be facing criminal penalties, as well as civil penalties, if any injured victims choose to move forward with a distracted-driving lawsuit.