By the year 2020, the senior population of the state of California is expected to double, and close to 6 million people ages 65 and older will drive their cars on California streets and highways.

Through September 30, funds from the Keeping Everyone Safe (KEYS) grant will be used to increase roadway safety by the Older Californian Traffic Safety (OCTS) Task Force to create a safety pilot program for the CHP field Divisions of Golden Gate (Bay Area), Southern (Los Angeles Area) and Border (San Diego Area).

Our car accident lawyers believe that all drivers should be safe when they turn the key.  We support any new law or program that stops car accidents and injuries before they happen.  While we are pleased that public officials are concerned about curbing automobile accident statistics, the car accident statistics regarding older drivers are not as bad as you might think.

Driver safety is important for this group of citizens, and the California Highway Patrol Commissioner says, “It is imperative that we prepare Californians now for this growing demographic.”

The program to be set up uses a community-based task force in each Division to identify senior population areas where medium to high levels of auto accidents involving seniors occur and develop plans to fix the issue.

“Through education and awareness presentations, we are hoping to have a positive safety impact on California’s senior driver population,” he added.  “This whole program is about safety.”

Car accident lawyers recognize the need for extra safety for all drivers, but acknowledge the need for programs and services that benefit senior citizens more than those that are not seniors.

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