Lack of familiarity with the area as well as the acute fatigue could be behind what caused a recent work truck driver to turn on the train tracks where the trailer and the vehicle were struck by a commuter train in Southern California. This accident happened last year, injuring dozens and killing the engineer, according to research conducted by federal investigators. Driver fatigue, it turns out, is one of the leading causes of accidents not just like this California train crash but also for those driving trucks, cars, or motorcycles. Fatigue

In this particular incident, the truck driver had been on duty, traveling 17 hours from Arizona to a work site in California when the accident occurred, according the National Transportation Safety Board. That driver had been on duty for almost 24 hours at the time of the accident in February of 2015. Truck driving accidents like this can lead to significant injuries and fatalities for those involved in the accident. Anyone who has been hurt in a California train crash, vehicle accident, or other personal injury incident may have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim when the cause of the accident was another person’s negligence or reckless behavior. Knowing your next steps in such a situation is important for protecting your future.

Unfortunately, far too many train and other driving accidents are a result of driver error. It is the responsibility of any truck driving company to train and retain appropriate drivers for their fleet. Failing to provide safety training and information or screening of drivers could lead to severe accidents that put the truck company as a liable party in a personal injury claim.


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