While traffic-light cameras have been promoted as a way to lower car accident statistics caused by car drivers that run red lights, one university study is saying that despite these new cameras, auto accidents may have increased.  In a recent study conducted by the Rice and Texas A&M University researchers, it was found that the number of car accidents doubled in the camera system’s first year of operation in Houston, Texas.

This study’s findings have contradicted other cities’ reports where the cameras have supposedly reduced collisions.  One reason for this, according to one of the study’s authors, a rising population and congestion are the leading causes for this increase in accidents — not the cameras.

The experienced car accident attorneys at our firm feel that there is only so much machines can do to prevent motorists from running red lights, causing accidents and wrongful deaths.  How many children’s injuries, serious accidents, and fatalities does it take to show that more action needs to be taken?

So while car accident totals have gone up in the time since these cameras were installed, the brains behind this study still believe that cameras can help limit the number of auto accidents that are occurring.

Our car accident attorneys agree with that logic.  Stein also pointed out that traffic citation rates, in residential areas, are dropping dramatically thus indicating that car drivers, familiar with the system, are now altering their driving habits for the better.

The hope is that this attempt to reduce car accident rates does indeed prove to be successful.  Until it is seen, make sure you drive safe and have the best auto insurance policy covering you and your family out on the road.

Having a person arrive home alive is priority number one.  If, by installing cameras at intersections, we can limit the staggering car accident statistics facing us, why not give it a shot?  In fact, why not give any good idea a shot if we can lower car accident statistics and wrongful deaths?

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