As a car accident lawyer in San Diego, I can attest first-hand at the devastation an auto injury can have on the affected person and their loved ones. That’s why a smarter car with advanced safety features can be a true lifesaver for San Diegans everywhere – and now that the government has taken an interest in improving our roadway safety, the likelihood of reducing car accident injury risk can be a real possibility for the future.

The hope for safer roadways comes following an announcement that a new safety system referred to as vehicle-to-vehicle communication – or V2V – is being developed by a group of advocates who are interesting in protecting the public. The technology will enable drivers to avoid car accidents on-the-fly. In other words, the car itself will work to prevent some of the common types of accidents we see today: rear-end collisions, side impact car accidents, and even head-on collisions.

For instance, V2V technology will warn a driver from entering an unsafe intersection when it senses another vehicle in the same zone.  The technology works by alerting an ordinarily unaware driver that a dangerous situation is ahead. In a normal car, the driver would enter the intersection unknowingly and most likely hit the other vehicle, thus causing a side impact car accident. The new technology, however, would flash a red warning light thereby alerting the driver of the danger ahead and possibly avoiding the car accident altogether.

How does the technology work?

It uses Wi-Fi-enabled communication which exchanges data from vehicle to vehicle. Vital information like location, speed, and direction of travel is exchanged with other drivers near your vehicle. The safety system can then make recommendations depending on the various scenarios that present themselves throughout the drive, contributing to an overall safer roadway system.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, several universities, and many automakers have supported the safety initiative, although word on its release is still pending.

“These systems are being aggressively developed because they could be the next big safety breakthrough,” said an automotive editor at Consumer Reports.  “But adequate oversight of how the information is used is essential to ensure the privacy of drivers and to prevent abuse.”

Reducing your risk of car accidents today

While advances in safety are underway, you can take preventative steps today to reduce your risk of a San Diego car accident. Consider implementing the following tips into your daily driving routine, and make the roadways a safer place for all.

Turn your car into a serene place

Often, it seems that most Americans are in a rush to get to their destination. Not only are we eager to get going as soon as possible, but the distractions are seemingly endless: GPS devices, radio, children, passengers, cell phones, food… you name it, and it’s unfortunately probably been done while driving. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay. Take your time on the roadway. Consider decluttering your vehicle, turning off the radio, and even inviting your passengers and children to join in on a more relaxing car ride altogether. Do not engage in dangerous activities like cell phone use, applying makeup, eating, or texting. Focus on the road ahead and help reduce the chance of car accident injury for you and other drivers around you.

Leave a few minutes ahead of schedule

Allowing for a little extra room in your schedule can go miles – literally – in your overall driving experience. Adding just 10 minutes extra to your daily itinerary can help you stay focused on the road and relaxed. Leaving a few minutes early can lead to good driving habits like following posted traffic signs, coming to complete stops, and waiting for pedestrians to cross the street. In addition, the whole driving experience can be greatly improved with time on your side.

Despite being even the most cautious driver, car accidents in San Diego can still happen. If it does, and you need free legal advice on what to do next, call San Diego’s most trusted personal injury attorneys at 1-858-551-2090.