Creature comforts like GPS, WiFi, integrated music, and even Facebook access while driving is the raging trend among young car buyers. But as a new report suggests, the technology does not come without its major drawback since the risk for San Diego car accident injury can increase significantly.

The fact is that car manufacturers often compete with one another year-to-year on technology. As consumers continue to place importance on car technology, auto companies will continue to produce the latest and greatest creature comforts.

One of the latest trends includes Ford’s Sync technology, a voice-activated system that allows the driver to command the vehicle just by saying it out loud.

“You can receive text messages,” said Ford’s spokesperson.  “You don’t have to do anything other than drive the car and use voice commands. On the screen it will have a button, or you can use the voice command ‘Listen to text message’ and it will read it back to you. You can also respond with one of 20 messages that we have in the system.”

Needless to say, texting and driving is one of the major epidemics on our roadways today. While many states including California have enacted no-texting-while-driving laws, unfortunately there are still many drivers who engage in distracted driving, contributing to nearly 500,000 injuries every year, many of which are right here in San Diego.

The idea behind Ford Sync technology is to allow drivers to engage in activities that are safer – such as voice commanded texting – since drivers are going to likely text and drive regardless of the consequences.

“People are going to get text messages while they’re driving down the road, and their tendency is they’re going to want to look at it,” said Ford’s spokesperson. “So it makes it easier for you by actually having it read it to you instead of you fumbling on your phone and looking at the text message.”

Increase safety by decreasing distraction

Many drivers are already aware that texting and driving is against the law in California. Don’t risk a San Diego car accident injury and keep texting as an activity done outside the vehicle. Use these helpful hints to stay on the right side of the law – most importantly, it can save your life!

Use a text demobilizer app

A cell phone app like Drive can help you kick your habit of texting and driving. Other apps use innovative technology that prevents texts from being sent or received while the car is moving. And, some apps even award drivers with cash and gift cards.

Use Bluetooth technology

While texting and driving is still an epidemic, cell phone use is still largely responsible for car accidents nationwide. Use a Bluetooth device to accept emergency calls when necessary. Preferably, however, if you must make or receive a call, do so by pulling over to a safe and legal location such as a parking lot as opposed to a shoulder or on-ramp. Never stop your vehicle on a public roadway unless it is for an emergency.

‘Old-fashioned’ distraction is still a distraction

Radio, a car full of children, eating, applying makeup, or any other activity that takes your eyes off the road can be dangerous to you, your passengers and the other drivers around you. Do not engage in activities that will prevent you from concentrating on the road ahead. And if you find yourself in a stressful situation, try reducing the distractions around you. For instance, if you have a car full of children, turn off the radio altogether to reduce the distraction levels within the vehicle.

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