Traumatic brain injuries can cause some of the most damaging after effects because of the importance of a fully functioning brain.  The brain is the most important organ in the body since it controls everything, and researchers are always trying to think of new ways to treat.

Researchers at the Department of Defense have decided to conduct an 18-month study on the possibility of using hyperbaric chambers to treat mild traumatic brain injuries according to a report in the Army Times.

The Department of Defense is exploring the use of hyperbaric chambers like this one to potentially treat the effects of traumatic brain injuries in soldiers. (SOURCE:

Our brain injury lawyers are intrigued by any potentially new ways to treat traumatic brain injuries.  If these treatments work, they provide new ways to treat these brain injuries and keep the after effects such as brain damage from changing people’s lives in a negative way.

Hyperbaric chambers are used to increase partial pressure of oxygen.  This helps increase how much oxygen can be carried by red blood cells getting them to more parts of the body at a faster rate.  The theory being explored is that pressure created by the chamber can actually cause oxygen in the blood to dissolve allowing more oxygen to flow through the body and repair damaged tissue.

The clinical trials are expected to begin in January of 2011 and will be conducted at four bases: Fort Carson in Colorado, Camp Pendleton near San Diego, California, Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, and Brooks-City Base in Texas.  There is a possibility of another location at Ford Hood, Texas, but that site hasn’t been confirmed.

The Army Times notes that about 100,000 troops have been diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury since 2003, and about 300 participants — mostly Army soldiers and Marines — will take part in the study.  In the experiment, soldiers will breathe 100% oxygen inside the chamber at a pressure level equivalent to being 20-25 feet underwater.

Our brain injury attorneys in San Diego are optimistic about new ways to help those who suffer from the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury such as headaches, mood swings and memory loss.  Hopefully, this new treatment makes a difference so that more people can be treated in a variety of different ways.

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