To prevent brain damage, doctors have found that by cooling the brain after a major head injury, they can sometimes prevent swelling, increased intracranial pressure (ICP) or high temperatures in the brain.  In the past, this was done by inserting a refrigerated tube into a major vein, a procedure too risky to be done in the field by emergency medical technicians (EMTs).

New technologies could improve the possibility of quick freezing the brain to prevent brain damage for EMTs out in the field.

RhinoChill is a new type of technology that accelerates the cooling of the brain when there could be potential brain damage caused by injury. (SOURCE: Popular Science)

Our brain injury attorneys think that any new treatments or medications that could prevent brain damage after a traumatic brain injury occurs in a person.  Since the brain is the most important organ in the body, it’s important to take care of it as best as possible with any medical procedures that can prevent serious damage.

RhinoChill limits brain damage through the nose.

The new treatment is called RhinoChill.  The procedure starts by sticking a portable nose spray is squirted up the nose to cool the brain.  This fast-acting process is much less invasive and can be easily performed in emergency situations.  RhinoChill was tested in a study of 200 patients last November, and the results of the test were positive.

In the study, 15 percent of people who got RhinoChill were more likely to live, and those survivors were also 15 percent more likely to avoid getting brain damage.  The San Diego company producing RhinoChill, BeneChill, expects to sell the device in Europe by July and hopes for FDA approval within two years.

Our brain injury attorneys in San Diego believe that any preventive steps that can be taken should be explored when it comes to preventing brain damage, an irreversible injury in many cases.  Hopefully, further testing will prove that RhinoChill is safe to use because of the European testing bringing another useful piece of technology to the United States.

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