Yeah-yeah!  It’s Saturday night and you are planning on going out with your best of friends.  You get behind the wheel of your car, boogie on down the road with your head nodding along to the beat, and calling up all of your friends to let them know you are on the way.  Distracted driver?  You?  No, of course not.  After all, you just ready to hit the town and — CRASH!

Instead, you hit another car because you ran a stop light and were not paying attention.  Now, instead of going out to get your freak on at the club you are in the hospital getting medical treatment to save your life.  Did this have to happen?

In the future, it might not as a new type of smart car technology will brake for you so as to avoid running a red light and the ensuing car accident thereafter.

For the car accident lawyers who work at our firm, this is big news — albeit five to ten years away from being implemented.  Yet whenever new technology like this comes down the line, the questions must be asked about how much this smart breaking system can really stop things like rear-end car accidents or prevent wrongful deaths from happening.

Basically, the way this new technology will prevent car accidents is by warning drivers that a light is red up ahead.  Gradually, as the driver approaches, the system will display a series of warning on a screen on the dashboard to warn the driver to slow down and a red light is coming up in the path.  If the motorist is too distracted by other things, the sensory detection system will stop the car from running the red-light without the driver pressing the break.

This new safety feature will likely join the ranks of new accident prevention technology, along the same lines as the system that maintains the driver’s current lane, keeping a car from swerving unexpectedly into the car next to them.

Will it work?  Our firm’s car accident lawyers believe that only time will tell.  Until then, you are the one who can prevent car accidents that happen from running a red light, so remember that of all the things that can distract you behind the wheel, traffic signals should take precedence of everything else.

What do you think about this technology?  Do you think it will save more lives?  What other car accident prevention safety features would you like to see developed?

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