If two things are made clear in May of 2009, it is that healthcare costs are the essential factor to our financial future, and that even doctors and hospitals agree that significant efficiency improvements are possible in how medical treatment is administered; but will you still have medical bills to face in the event of a personal injury?

As personal injury lawyers in San Diego, we believe that affordable medical treatment is essential for helping you during your recovery from a personal injury and getting you and your loved ones the assistance they need to help pay the medical bills.

Nowadays, there appear to be significant opportunities to reduce the cost of medical bills for personal injuries without reducing the quality of treatment or getting half-baked outcomes.  In healthcare, unlike in other areas of insurance, higher quality currently seems to be linked with lower costs.

But say that nationalized healthcare does happen in the next four years will it completely eliminate the costs of medical bills or simply reduce the price?  And if healthcare does become free, it may mean that taxes will rise, so then how will you pay your auto insurance and repair bills, two things that are essential for preventing car accidents that cause personal injuries and wrongful deaths?

Or what if you are told to pay for your medical bills upfront and the government will reimburse you later—how long will that take and how much further in debt will you be by then?

Our firm’s San Diego personal injuries lawyers believe that medical treatment should be of the utmost importance when you are recovering from your personal injuries from any type of accident that can happen out there.

Do you really want to add to your pain and suffering by worrying about who will be paying the medical bills—you or the government?

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