The San Diego Union Tribune is reporting the annual “Click It or Ticket” car accident injury-prevention campaign is shifting into overdrive in California.  The campaign is designed to prevent personal injuries in car accidents and tell drivers that wearing a seat belt remains a fast, easy way to limit injuries.

From 1880s until today, seat belts have been preventing car accident injuries for a long time.  Our San Diego personal injury lawyers hope the “Click It or Ticket” campaign serves as a reminder in 2010 and beyond of the positives of wearing your seat belt.

‘Click It or Ticket’ punishes people who fail to buckle up.

Since 1993, states across America have participated in the Click It or Ticket campaign that was kick-started by former North Carolina governor Jim Hunt.  Drivers and passengers riding in cars without their seat belts on are fined as both a penalty and a reminder that seat belts can prevent injury and wrongful death in car accidents.

Law enforcement agencies in San Diego County are participating in the campaign, and this year, the fines have increased.  First-time violators will be fined $142 (up from $132).  For teenage drivers under 16, the fine for not wearing a seat belt is $445.  Sheriff William Gore told reporters the campaign is more about saving lives and limiting auto accident injuries than issuing fines.

“It’s not just about avoiding a ticket,” Gore said, “it’s about keeping the ones you care about alive.”

County police and highway patrol will be looking for drivers and passengers not wearing seat belts in a state where the enforcement rate is 95 percent.  That number is impressive, but according to the state Office of Traffic Safety, more than half a million drivers and passengers still ride unbuckled.

One click can prevent a wide range of car accident injuries and even wrongful death.  With the “Click It or Ticket” campaign spreading the good word, maybe there will come a day when everyone clicks their seat belt and needless car accident injuries are a thing of the past.

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