Have you recently suffered a crush or other hand injury that’s compromised your strength?

Without an attorney representing you in a hand injury case, there is a chance that:

  •    The insurance company has denied or ignored your hand injury claim.
  •    They have made an offer to you that is unfair in line with the serious injuries you have sustained.
  •    They informed you that your permanent loss of strength or hand injury wasn’t tied to the accident and that there is no physical evidence to support your injury claim.

Defining a Hand Injury

Any injury that affects any of the fingers or the hand as a whole could qualify as a hand injury. Loss of strength in the hand, loss of sensation, problems with sensory capabilities of the hand or any damage to the fingers could have significant repercussions for your life. Some of the most common types of hand injuries include:

  •    Ligament injuries
  •    Joint dislocation
  •    Tendon injuries
  •    Hand fractures

How Do I Know if I’m Suffering from Nerve Damage?

Many times, the tingling sensation or the numbness that a patient is experiencing after a serious car accident is a sign of permanent nerve damage. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome may be another cause of numbness or tingling in the wrist. There are 19 separate bones located in the hand and the bones most commonly affected in the accident fall into the two categories of those; phalanges related or metacarpals. A hand injury can be extremely serious, particularly if you don’t get help from a doctor as soon as it happens. If you start to notice symptoms in your hand, you can’t afford to wait. 

When your hand strength is compromised by a serious accident, you need an attorney you can trust. Loss of strength in a person’s hand is more often than not tied to nerve damage. This happens in crush style accidents or vehicle accidents. Trying to regain your hand strength and control after suffering nerve damage is extremely complicated and one that requires a great deal of patience and hard work on your part. Thankfully, an experienced car accident attorney can assist you if the injuries you have sustained in your hand are due to another person’s negligent or reckless behavior.