We hope that you drive as safely as possible to reduce the risk of a car accident.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, automobile accidents involving large trucks and other motor vehicles result in a 98% fatality rate for the people in the other vehicle.  In fact they publish documentation on how a car can safely drive around a large truck which is worth reading.

Our firm’s experienced car accident lawyers know that semi-trucks and other large, commercial trucks have braking problems which (especially trucking car accident prevention braking problems) have been well documented and these warnings are even posted on freeway traffic signs on long downgrades can be intimidating on the road.  We encourage all automobile drivers to follow these tips when they are on the road to prevent semi-truck accidents.

  • Keep your car visible to truck drivers. A commercial truck has many large blind spots.  One guideline to keep in mind is to make sure you can see the truck driver’s face in his side-view mirrors.  If you cannot see him, he probably cannot see you.
  • Maintain a safe distance between your car and a truck. This should allow you to see the truck driver’s face in his mirrors.  Maintaining a safe distance will also ensure that you will have time and room to brake to avoid a possible car accident.
  • Use your car’s signals when making turns or passing. Avoid sudden moves, like swerving to pass the truck, in order to prevent a car accident involving a truck.

Of course, these are useful car accident prevention safety tips for everyday driving whether you are sharing the road with a large truck or not.

Looking out for a large truck’s blind spot can be very important.  If the driver of the truck cannot see you, a “squeeze play” can occur.  This is when a car is caught between the curb and a large truck making a wide, right turn.  This can result in a terrible car accident.  Following too closely can also have disastrous results that end up with pain and suffering, if not death.  If the truck driver stops suddenly, it is possible to crash into him, which results in an underride truck or car accident (a car goes under another motor vehicle, such as a truck).

However, no matter how defensively we drive to prevent car accidents, or how much we try not get distracted while driving, things happen.  Our firm’s automobile accident lawyers understand that the unexpected can occur, so be careful out there, no matter what vehicle you have.

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