Celebrities get spinal cord injuries too.

Our firm’s San Diego spinal cord injury lawyers know that every day, people get into car accidents and hurt their necks, usually through a combination of whiplash and herniated discs.  As TMZ is reporting, Taylor Terry, the blonde starlet from MTV’s “My Life as Liz,” appears to have one of those people who’s on the wrong side of a car accident and ends up with a damaged spinal cord.

Taylor Terry suffered a minor spinal cord injury in an auto accident.

MTV star Taylor Terry received a minor spinal cord injury in a car accident. (Source: TMZ)

While driving through Fort Worth, Texas on Tuesday afternoon, Terry says she witnessed the car in front of her slam into the vehicle ahead of it.  Not having enough time to react, Terry’s Hummer collided into the back of the car in front of her.

The television star was taken to a hospital to diagnose her spinal cord injury, where, after six hours they released her having only suffered a sprained neck, as well as a concussion and bruised shins.  Terry is expected to have is a neck brace for a  short period of time.

Her Hummer, however, racked up around $14,000 in damages , which is a small price to pay in our San Diego spinal cord injury lawyers’ eyes.  After all, it was terrible that Terry and the other two cars were in this accident, but thankfully they are walking away with minor injuries and no wrongful deaths as a result of the collision.

Be careful driving, no matter where you are, and always make sure you are a safe driver who obeys all the rules of the road — if a reality TV star can actually get hurt in a real-life car accident, so can you.

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