All drivers, take note. There’s a new safety and prevention breakthrough that can help save your life.

Most of us consider ourselves to be safe drivers, but many accidents happen nevertheless due to driver error, distractions, and inexperience. If an injury accident does occur, every second counts. Now, an innovative breakthrough in safety called the Yellow Dot program can help medical responders treat you more effectively in the event of an injury accident.

Here’s how it works. For those registered with the program, a yellow dot is affixed to the rear window of the vehicle. The dot indicates the driver carries medical documentation in the glove compartment. With extensive medical information like allergies, medicines taken, or conditions, medical personnel can make informed decisions about how to treat an injured person.

This can mean life or death.

“This innovative program alerts first responders to a vehicle crash about the driver and passengers medical information including any medications the injured person(s) may be taking. This information can be critical to a severely injured crash victim during the first “golden hour” of emergency treatment that determines whether a crash victim will survive or not,” says one safety expert.

Learn more about the Yellow Dot program.

Other ways to be overcautious prior to/after an accident

While the Yellow Dot program is a step into the right direction, there are other safety considerations you can implement as well. Of course, you can’t predict when a car accident will happen so use these tips to stay well-prepared in the event of an emergency.

Print out updated/recent insurance cards

You’ll need to have insurance and registration current and available in the event of a car accident. Make sure to print an updated insurance card and keep other important information like registration in one neat packet stored in the glove box. Store this paperwork together with your Yellow Dot information.

Keep a car accident checklist handy

An emergency situation can often result in unpredictable or unwanted actions or lack of actions. Many people wish they had asked more questions, taken more pictures, or gotten more information after an accident. Download our free car accident checklist and store it in your glove compartment along with other important vehicle information and use it in the event an accident occurs.

If injuries occurred, get legal advice

If you sustained injury in a car accident, speak to a personal injury lawyer at our law office for a free legal consultation. Most car accidents involving an injury can be complex – our car accident attorneys can help make sense of it all and answer your legal questions for free. It has been our legal experience that insurance companies rush people into settlement without considering the long-term effects or details of your case. Do not speak with the insurance company about settlement until you speak to a qualified car accident attorney.

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