We hear things we believe to be facts about cars every single day, but are they true?  Not always.  And that is why our firm wants to shed some light on the truth based upon our experience.  These truths and shattering of myths could potentially prevent car accidents and prevent wrongful deaths as a result.

The Car Connection  conducted an article that discussed common myths about car accident safety.  Our car accident lawyers wish to take this opportunity to fulfill their promise to inform drivers of potential hazards that could lead to pain and suffering or death.

Starting off, minivans are discussed.  They are considered extremely “safe” vehicles by most people — but because they are classified by the federal government as “light trucks,” they do not have to meet the same bumper-impact standards as passenger cars.  That means even a minor impact can result in major damage.

Another popular belief that is wrong relates to sport-utility vehicles.  Like minivans, SUVs are classified as “light trucks” by the government — and light trucks also do not have to meet the same roof-crush standards as passenger cars.  That means in a rollover car accident, the roof may not hold up as well as a car’s, resulting in serious injury or wrongful death.

The current notion that SUVs are more dangerous than cars is also twisted.  While SUVs may be more likely to roll over in certain situations, it is also true that their generally larger size has an inherent safety advantage in most other types of impact car accidents.

There is a myth that an air bag-equipped car is the safest vehicle you can buy.  In fact, size and weight matters more.  A 4,500-pound full-size car, even without airbags, offers better occupant protection and survivability than a 2,500-pound compact that has them.

Air bags help make compact and subcompact cars more crashworthy but they cannot compensate entirely for the inherent safety advantage of driving a larger, heavier vehicle, even without airbags.  Calculations in physics would simply demonstrate this fact, as well the property damage to both vehicles once a crash has occurred.

There are more myths our law office intends to inform consumers about in upcoming personal injury blogs.  We look forward to informing drivers about everything they need to know when it pertains to their safety.

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