It is assumed by that modern cars with anti-lock brakes (ABS) are safer than older cars without ABS.  Not necessarily true. Studies have found that drivers of ABS-equipped cars often fail to fully depress the brake pedal in a panic stop.

Failure to fully brake means greater stopping distances and a higher likelihood of hitting whatever’s in front of you.  ABS-equipped cars are only safer than non-ABS-equipped cars if the system is used as intended and free of any design defects.

Our car accident lawyers feel that it is part of their job to inform you of car safety myths that may cost you your life if you are in an auto accident. In part one, we dived into auto accident myths about minivans and sport-utility vehicles. We also introduced airbag myths.

In part two, we discover the truth about anti-lock brakes and an old phrase that many drivers believe and sometimes live by the wrong way.

A long time ago, someone said, “Speed kills.” It does, but there is also another side to it. In fact, federal car accident and wrongful death data shows that it is the slow-moving driver who is more likely to be the cause of a car accident.  Modern highways are designed for safe travel at speeds of approximately 75 mph, yet most states have arbitrarily lowered maximums to 55-65 mph in a scheme to get more revenue from speeding tickets.

The handful of drivers who stick to the under-posted limit out of fear of being ticketed (or timidity) create obstacles and interrupt the smooth flow of traffic — causing more “chain reaction” car accidents.  Those who drive 10 mph slower than the flow are statistically six times as likely to be in a car accident as those traveling 5-10-mph faster than the average flow of traffic.

The experienced car accident lawyers at our firm feel that part of what they do is inform people of hazardous aspects of driving that coould leave them personally injured, in need of medical treatment, or take their lives.  The driver’s ability, or belief in common misconceptions that make driving more difficult for everyone on the road, and such problems should be addressed.

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