Your child is always safer in the back seat.  Though airbags, especially the older ones that are not “de-powered,” can injure or kill a child riding in the front passenger seat in the event of a car accident.  Studies have shown that a parent distracted by a child in the back seat is more likely to have an accident in the first place.

Our firm’s personal injury lawyers have been communicating a series of myths that pertain to car accidents as reported by  They have discussed several important myths about automobile accidents, and we conclude this series with information about your children, and the simplest safety feature a car has.

Up front, it is easier for a parent to keep and eye on a child while also keeping an eye on the road.  It is arguably smarter to take steps to avoid having a car accident to begin with than it is to decide on how best to soften the impact of a car accident that is more likely to happen as a result of distracted driving.  Of course, it is important for you to make sure that your front seat passenger air bags (front and side) are turned off, as the air bag could easily cause a wrongful death.

Last but not least, there is an old (but good) myth about seat belts.  In the past, it was concluded that seat belts hold you make you less likely to be trapped in a wrecked car if you do not buckle up.  But is that really what you should be more concerned with?  Did you know that the odds of being violently ejected from the car and dying are massively greater than the chances of being trapped inside by a seat belt?  That is something interesting to think about the next time you consider not buckling up.

Our firm’s experienced personal injury attorneys are glad to report these findings to consumers that are on the roads every day.  And remember: never leave home without the best car insurance policy money can buy.  We hope this series has been informative and makes drivers think about things relevant to their safety.

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