Car accidents do not always cause personal injury or wrongful death right away.  Sometimes, even more severe personal injuries in a pedestrian accident if you get out of the car after a car accident.  A man in a rollover car accident survived only to be killed by a train pedestrian accident as he walked away from the car crash.

As pedestrian accident attorneys, we know getting into a car accident can cause its own personal injury like a traumatic brain injuries like concussions.  Walking away from a car accident can cause similar personal injury or wrongful death in the worst cases when survivors of car accidents are hit by cars on freeways, streets or, in this wrongful death, train tracks.

A man was walking away from the single-vehicle rollover car accident in the early morning of May 24, 2009.  He was apparently walking along the train tracks when he was hit by an Amtrak train at about 2 a.m. causing his wrongful death.

As pedestrian accident attorneys, we know that staying in your car after a car crash can prevent further personal injury or wrongful death.  As long as the car is not on fire, staying in or near your car can help emergency medical teams identify where you are quicker so you can get medical treatment prepared faster for your personal injury.

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