A famous television show, Knight Rider, introduced us to the possibility of a talking car.  In Australia, a communications company takes part of that idea and has created a “Connected Vehicle” system that could prevent hundreds of car accidents.

Cohda Wireless has designed a wireless chip with a receiver that tracks moving signals and filters interference.  The chip broadcasts a car’s location and speed to every equipped vehicle within 500 feet and warns the driver of potential car crashes.

Our car accident attorneys support new technology that aims to prevent car crashes and keep the roads we ride on safe.  This new wireless chip presents the possibility of safer roads and a new method of car accident prevention, but proper testing must be conducted to ensure effectiveness.

This new device can be compared to the radar on an airplane.  The same basic idea makes sense.  Both devices warn drivers of potential hazards.  The “car-dar” transmits the signals from other cars equipped with the chip and can prevent car accidents.

To avoid car crashes, vehicles transmit their speed and position to cars within 500 feet, 10 times per second.  Onboard computers then analyze this data and warn the driver of a possible car accident.

With a computer on the dashboard, does this create yet another car accident caused by distraction for the driver?  Drivers have to be mindful of so much, already, and this idea could add to the distraction factor.  What about the problem that all cars do not have this chip installed?  If you are in a car that has the chip, and another car without it speeds through a red light, for example, there will be no warning.

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