By the end of 2009, the Obama Administration is expected to finalize new rules which allow auto companies to build vehicles that travel farther on a gallon of fuel, but here is a shock: these new conditions discourage the manufacturing of small cars in favor of bigger models of automobiles.

Our car accident attorneys, believe that bigger cars are beneficial in protecting passengers from personal injury and wrongful death accidents in the event of an automobile accident.  The structure of a large sized model car allows for more impact to be absorbed by the automobile itself, rather than the occupants abroad it.

But what if the result of this new policy is that cars continue to get bigger and bigger in size?

Americans, for the most part, are split down the middle over which type of automobile they prefer driving.  They either prefer a small, fuel-efficient car model with less safety features, or they splurge for a huge, gas-guzzling SUV that might be a risk for a rollover car accident.

With auto companies continuously increasing the size of their cars, will that mean that these new models are the future giants on the road? And if so, does that turn the current large-sized automobiles into mid-size and mini cars into micro ones?

The new version of the rules cars are classified according to their size and an assigned specific mileage target.  Starting in 2011, a big SUV such as the Chevrolet Tahoe will have to hit a 21 mpg, while Toyota’s Avalon sedan will have to hit 25 mpg.

If a big car is off target by one mile per gallon, auto makers will just increase the size of it in order to reach the fuel target.

So companies may benefit with these new cars, such as the Chevrolet Cruze compact, due out in 2010, because they are larger in size than the models being replaced.  This means more large cars on the road, increasing the chances of a severe car accident or even fatal car accident with smaller models.

Americans will get their bigger cars, but they could also be getting bigger car accidents.

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