An eight-year-old child was injured when a vehicle crashed into a Panda Express in San Diego recently. Anyone inside a residential or commercial building may be critically injured in an accident like this. The crash happened on a recent Wednesday evening and the cause of the car crash is yet unknown.

Unfortunately, while the majority of accidents happen on the roadways around San Diego, an increasing number of accidents happen involving vehicles crashing into a stationary building. If you are inside a building when a vehicle crashes into the facility, you may be critically injured. Getting advice from a medical professional immediately will help to ensure that your injuries are treated properly after a car crash.

Make sure you speak to your doctor after the accident happens in order to protect yourself. You may even be entitled to recover compensation after a serious car crash if someone else’s negligent behavior is the cause of the accident.

Were you inside a building when you were hit by another vehicle? If so, you need to be evaluated for your injuries as soon as possible. Some injuries are not easily noticed after an accident, including a TBI.