By now, we already know that vehicles come with a slew of safety features including anti-lock brakes, frontal and side airbags and even traction and vehicle stability control. But when it comes to the latest safety innovations, you may not have known it, but these features can mean all the difference in accident prevention and reducing the risk of personal injury in an accident.

According to an article at the Daily News, these 7 vehicle safety features are top-of-the-line when it comes to equipping you with the best possible protection and optimization from behind the wheel.

Night Vision Technology

That’s right – vehicles today can help you see in the dark. Think of how many San Diego car accidents can be avoided with night vision, especially when the sun goes down earlier in the fall months (also a common time when accidents tend to increase in the evening hours). Pedestrian safety can also be significantly improved since it allows improved vision of roadways. Night vision works by capturing images with a sophisticated camera mounted on headlights that transmit a clearer and brighter picture to the driver of the road ahead.

Pedestrian Safe Hoods

Automakers have improved angles of vehicle hoods and bumpers so that pedestrian injury is less traumatic in the event of impact. Some hoods are also equipped with sensors that pop the hood in such a way to reduce the impact sustained by the struck pedestrian.

Drowsy Driver Warnings

So many of us have done it, and fortunately, many of us have gotten to our destination safety in the face of sleepiness. In an effort to help prevent accidents caused by drowsiness, car manufacturers have installed monitors that detect our facial responses to detect unusual behavior such as falling asleep or nodding off. When danger is suspected, the vehicle will try to awaken you and alert you to the matter in an effort to prevent an injury accident.

Lane Departure Warnings

Drifting into someone else’s lane is not only dangerous, but it can also lead to some of the worst car accidents in San Diego, particularly if done on a freeway at high speed. Auto manufacturers have recognized the dangers of drifting, creating lane departure technology in the process to help reduce the risk of accidents due to drifting. When lane departure technology detects that a driver is drifted into another lane by accident, it warns with a vibration to the steering wheel or the seat. Some vehicles may even react by automatically re-steering the vehicle back into its lane.

Active Braking

One of the most common types of car accidents in San Diego are rear-end car accidents. Active braking assists the driver using front-end cameras and sensors that can detect when a vehicle is too close to another car or object ahead by braking for or with them. This technology can significantly reduce rear-end car accidents in San Diego.

Blind Spot Detection

Many accidents are caused because a driver could not fully see what was behind or to the side of them before backing up or making a lane change. With the use of sound, blind spot detection aims to alert a driver when it may strike a potential object. In turn, drivers can apply brakes sooner or avoid a lane change.

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