Intelligent cars are not a work of science fiction. Soon enough, these top 5 up-and-coming car technologies will be a reality, speaking to the inner souls of car techies around the globe. But more than that, much of today and tomorrow’s car technologies aim to improve safety and save lives. It’s a win-win for everyone: car techies can enjoy new technology while the rest of us can enjoy safer roads.

#5 Cars that talk to each other

Everyone knows that a tailgater can be annoying (and dangerous). Now, Ford has announced anti-tailgate technology that will enable drivers to maintain a safe distance between the car in front (or in back) of them. Using GPS and Wi-Fi technology, the built-in device will allow cars to “talk” to each other. Anti-tailgater technology definitely speaks to the cool factor of “intelligent vehicles” but may also curb the chance of rear-end accidents.

#4 Cars that won’t drive if you’re drunk

Cars that can analyze your skin and your breath for potential intoxication? Yes, according to QinetiQ, a Waltham, Massachusetts company that researches in-cabin car technology for the betterment of road safety and car accident reduction. Now, with their up-and-coming technology, cars can quickly analyze a driver’s alcohol level by discreet sensors in steering wheels or even door locks. The car will call the shots – any alcohol detection will mean the driver will have to sit put or call a cab.

#3 Cars that alert you to potential car accidents

In an effort to make the driver better prepared (as best as they can be) and to improve decision-making, many cars will be able to tell drivers when accidents are about to happen. Ahead of the technology curve, Mercedes Benz and Lexus have already begun to implement the technology.  These devices are designed to sense a car accident before it happens, alerting the driver to take decisive action if necessary.

#2 Cars that snap you back into reality

An alarm will sound the moment the car senses you are drifting asleep, looking elsewhere besides the road, or doing something the car feels just isn’t right in order to avoid an accident. How? A camera watches you at all times. Talk about a car watchdog! We can all use the extra help. Consider it your co-pilot.

#1 Cars that give drivers superpowers

Consumer Reports tells us cars may soon be equipped with infrared vision, allowing drivers to see other cars, people, animals, and objects at night. And while the night vision may lend superpowers to the driver only momentarily while behind the wheel, this technology can help prevent accidents occurring at dusk or dawn – times of the day when many accidents occur. Car techies and safety advocates can both agree: infrared vision is as close to wearing a superhero’s cape without risking the funny looks.