If the government regulates carbon dioxide emissions, power plants and other factories will probably start removing CO2 from their smokestacks and may move them closer to residential areas where more people would be at risk of personal injury from the toxic waste.

Our personal injury attorneys in San Diego are always concerned that when businesses and corporations are forced to move their dangerous facilities, it usually ends up causing personal injury or wrongful death to the people exposed to the new poison in their environment.

Chemicals and wastes are often linked to health conditions which can lead to permanent physical disabilities in some cases.  Dollars and cents usually overrule common sense in corporations looking for an easy way around a new restriction.

While the CO2 emissions are going to be used as a form of alternative fuel for cars, companies are going to have to pay to move their smoke stacks and we all know how much companies hate to pay to do anything.  As if there is not enough risk associated with living by a gasoline refinery, how do we even know that the new fuel being produced will not be another source of car accidents?

Suppose you are driving down your street, the one covered in smog and smoke from the refinery a block over, and you are feeling confident that the air will clear up because your car uses a new type of fuel developed at the refinery.  Only the fuel is still unstable and as you drive, an unexpected chemical reaction happens in your engine, which causes you to get in a car crash.  Now you have injuries from two different causes: breathing in the smoke stack fumes and the car accident caused by the same material.

Our San Diego personal injury attorneys know that companies do not usually put their consumers’ best interest at the top of their list, so it is important for you to investigate the products you buy and who manufactures them.  They could be causing more than one personal injury at the same time.

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