Do you know what to do if you get carjacked?

According to the National Safety Council, incidents of carjacking are appearing more and more often in the news.  Carjacking often poses dangers to both the carjacker and the car owner whose automobile is being carjacked.  The carjacker often ends up on high speed chases tailed by police cars, and these incidents often end in fatal car accidents suffered possibly both the carjacker or by the pursuing police cars.

Our car accident attorneys are concerned with the safety of everyone on the road, so we believe it is beneficial for all car drivers to learn steps to avoid being carjacked.

  • Use the safest available route when driving your car.
  • Try to avoid dangerous areas if possible.  If you need to drive your car through unfamiliar areas, try not to drive alone.
  • On local roads, always make sure your car doors are locked and your windows are up, especially if you are driving through dark places at night or through crime-ridden areas.
  • Also, regularly check your mirrors for possible attackers/carjackers.

If you think you have been in an intentional car accident, if possible under the circumstances, do not get out of your car until the police have arrived.

Carjackers often hit a car from behind, and then draw their weapons when you exit the car after the car accident to investigate.  So if it seems like the person bumped you on purpose, just motion the other driver to follow you to the nearest police station.  And in the case that you are at the mercy of a weapon, consider giving up the car keys.

On another note, if your motor vehicle breaks down, try to pull away from all other automobiles on the road and tie a white handkerchief around the car’s antenna.  Make sure to close all the car windows and lock all doors, so that no car thieves or burglars would be able to directly threaten you with a weapon.  Once police come or the towing service arrives, ask the personnel to show identification.  This way, they can help prevent a possible car accident without you being ambushed by fake car safety organizations.

Also, follow these tips when you are parking your car: Are there more tips?

  • Upon entering or leaving a parking lot, always be careful of surrounding automobiles and people.  Park your car in a well-lit area, so that your car will always remain in your sight.
  • When returning to your car, approach with caution.  Always have keys ready, and make sure no one is around your automobile.  If someone seems to loiter around your car, walk to a lighted store and call the police.

Human lives are irreplaceable.  As car accident lawyers, we have handled cases where relatives grieve over the loss of loved ones, and no car can fill up that emptiness in their hearts.

Our car accident lawyers believe that safety is most important and that the car driver’s life can be valued over any car existent in the world.  We, as auto accident attorneys, have witnessed relatives shedding tears over the loss of a loved one, and no price can buy back those tears.

So if confronted by a carjacker, do not resist or try to run.  Just hand over the car keys and step away slowly.  Just remember, a car is replaceable, but a life is not.

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