In San Diego, when rain hits, traffic comes to a halt. That’s understandable considering that we usually enjoy sunshine and fair weather. So, when the wet weather comes, we proverbially freeze on our commutes. But that’s also for good reason – rain is one of the worst conditions to be in when it comes to roadway safety. And that’s especially true here in San Diego considering that sporadic rainfalls can cause even more slip due to dirt and grime that has built up over time.

We urge all San Diegans to be careful as we enter our spring season! Slow down, be careful and be sure your vehicle is in good working order.

An Encinitas car accident reminds us of the danger of rain and how seriously it should be taken, especially at first fall. As reported by the San Diego Union Tribune (3/1/2015), one driver fell victim to rainy roadways after his vehicle hydroplaned on I-5 in Encinitas. The California Highway Patrol said the rain was to blame for its loss of control as it hit the center divider and overturned.

The driver of the vehicle tragically died as a result of the accident. Meanwhile, the passenger “was able to crawl from the wreckage,” a CHP spokesperson said.

Drugs and alcohol were not believed to be factors in the crash.


San Diego is a beautiful city – no doubt about that. We really do enjoy fantastic weather year round without the worry of snow. But of course, we do get our share of rainfall during the spring months, albeit much less than other places in America. It’s precisely the rarity of rain that makes it all the more dangerous here in San Diego.

Because our rainfall can be spaced out over the course of weeks or even months, dirt and grime can build up on our roadways more so than other areas of the country. When thick oil, dirt and grime are loosened by rain and fast-moving vehicles, the results could be catastrophic because of extreme slip. That’s why San Diego is especially vulnerable when rainfall hits – and drivers need to be more aware than ever when it comes to wet weather safety.


It’s hard to avoid driving when it rains. Most all of us have to go to work or run errands; so, it’s just not practical to recommend staying indoors when it rains (although, if you can, all the better). When it comes to your driving safety in San Diego’s wet weather, here’s what you can do to stay safe and avoid a car accident.


First thing’s first: make sure your vehicle is ready for wet weather. Tires with little to no tread and sun-weathered windshield wipers are no match in San Diego rain. Make sure your vehicle can withstand rain and get it serviced before the spring weather hits. It’s just common sense and we urge all San Diegans to take action before it’s too late.


It’s cautious as much as it is practical – simply slow your speed down in wet weather. When you drive fast on wet roads, you can increase your chances of hydroplaning. Slow down to allow your tires to wick away moisture at an effective rate. In addition, slowing down ensures that you can react appropriately in the event of an emergency.


Hydroplaning is scary. Suddenly, you lose control over your vehicle in the most vulnerable moment. In the event of hydroplaning, it’s important to know what to do. If you sense a loss of control, attempt to steer your vehicle into an open lane or area of the road. Resist the urge to brake – if you must slow down your vehicle, tap the brakes and maintain the steering as best as possible. Also, avoid overcorrection which may be more difficult to do than you think – hydroplaning is so sensitive to any action or reaction, so keep that in mind when you’re behind the wheel. The good news is that hydroplaning should not last more than a few seconds in most cases. Eventually, as your car slows, your tires will be better equipped to grip the road which will let you regain control over your vehicle.


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