Drivers who use a cell phone have four times the chances of being involved in an auto accident, according to a report released in December by the AAA Foundation for Automobile Traffic Safety.  Despite this, just five states and the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) currently prohibit the use of cell phones by drivers, according to the Wichita Eagle.

One Kansas State Senator hopes that his state will become number six.  After seeing his fellow Kansans die in needless car accidents due to cell phone usage, he is hoping that is sooner rather than later.

The wrongful death attorneys at our firm support the efforts to create few distracted drivers out on the road who cannot help but look at their cell phones when they are behind the wheel.  How much pain and suffering has to occur before motorists get it in their head that the road, not their phone, is what’s important?

The official has chaired his Senate’s Transportation Committee for the past eight years, says that his state is usually behind the rest of the country when it comes to passing traffic safety laws, largely due to rural residents’ dislike of government regulation.

Just last year, the Kansas Senate passed a proposed law that would have restricted cell phone use by young drivers.  However, the proposed law was short lived when it failed to gain approval from the State House of Representatives. Certainly not a good sign for progress on road safety laws in the state.

The report also mentioned other studies that have shown cell phone usage does not necessarily decline as the result of cell phone laws.  So it is possible that enforcement of the law — and not the law itself — is the real obstacle between the goal of eliminating this unsafe automobile driving practice.  Even with some states restricting cell phone use by drivers, the overall car accident numbers are still not low enough for the people involved in these particular car accidents.

The wrongful death attorneys at our firm advise against driving while using your cell phone regardless of your particular state’s laws. They find it irresponsible that a state would endanger its citizens out of dislike of government regulation.  It is hard to believe that barbaric political beliefs interfere with public safety on the road.

Above all else, safety on the road is number one.  After all, you can dial someone’s number and talk to them from a parked car.  Is it not better than yet another needless auto accident?  Many think that cellphone distractions are just as dangerous at drinking and driving (DUI), but if DUI accidents are preventable, shouldn’t cellphone based ones be too?

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