A chain reaction crash involves any situation in which multiple vehicles are involved in an accident due to their proximity. Serious crashes, especially including those with excessive speed, may cause a chain reaction crash. One recent chain reaction crash occurred on I-15 that led to the driver being ejected from the vehicle and suffering fatal injuries.

If anyone is hurt in a chain reaction crash that can be traced back to a preventable action on the part of one or more drivers, help may be required from a lawyer who knows the landscape of liability in such a claim.

The California Highway Patrol shared that the crash happened just prior to 10:15pm when a 27-year-old man was driving a Honda Civic when he suddenly switched lanes and struck multiple cars. Witnesses in the area of the chain reaction crash said that the driver who caused it was driving erratically on I-15 going northbound before exiting and then re-entering the freeway on the southbound side. The Civic was veered towards the center divider where it struck a BMW SVAN. That impact caused the Civic to roll over and eject the driver on to the freeway.

The woman involved in the accident remained restrained. A chain reaction crash can develop quickly and can have significant consequences for those who are hurt or killed in the accident. If you have already been injured in a chain reaction crash in San Diego, you need to schedule a consultation with a lawyer.