As car accident lawyers, one thing we are always concerned about is the high frequency about car accidents.  Car accident frequency can lead to injury or wrongful death in drivers or passengers.  In some cases, those same car accident victims can be children.

Children are very vulnerable to serious injury because of their smaller, more frail bodies.  The younger the passenger, the greater the likelihood of injuries that can change the life of a child forever after a car accident.

Over 180,000 children were injured in car accidents in 2005. That number continues to climb despite new safety features and child safety restraints.

In a brief two-part series, we — as car accident lawyers — want to educate parents as well as other drivers about the potential dangers about traveling with young children in automobiles.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conveys the facts about children in car accidents in detail, and those facts are frightening.  There is not a worse feeling than being the parent of a young child you have outlived.

In the United States during 2005, over 1,300 children ages 14 and younger died as passengers in car accidents.  About another 184,000 were injured: an average of four wrongful deaths and 504 injuries every day.

Drivers who are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs caused about 25 percent of wrongful deaths in children in car accidents.  The easiest way to prevent injury or wrongful death is restraining children with either car seats or seat belts, but they are only effective when they are used properly.

About 40 percent of children riding with unbelted drivers were not buckled up themselves.  Child restraint systems are also used incorrectly.  A study on restraint found that 72 percent of about 3,500 observed car and booster seats were improperly used that can increase a child’s risk of injury or wrongful death in a car crash.

As car accident lawyers, we know the potential harm a car accident can cause … especially to young children.  Parents should see this series as a way of getting information on how to protect the future of their families.

In the second part of this short child passenger safety series, we aim to educate parents about methods of prevention to stop injury or wrongful death before those car accidents happen.

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