As parents, we work hard to make sure our children are kept safe in the face of potential dangers. For instance, the majority of parents install safety gates, carbon monoxide detectors, cabinet locks, and baby room monitors to curb any potential hazard when a newborn is brought home. As children get older, parents don’t change – but the safety gear does. Bicycle helmets, knee pads, elbow guards, and light reflectors are all a part of a parent’s arsenal to protect children against personal injury.

As children get older, it’s understandably more difficult to regulate just when and where your child is at all times. But as concerned members of our community, can we do a better job to help protect our own children and children in our neighborhoods?

A North Park boy may inspire you to say yes:  we can take action to increase safety in our neighborhoods.

Last month, the young man, 9, was struck by a garbage truck after skateboarding along Meade Avenue and Kansas Street in his neighborhood.  He was in critical condition following the accident in San Diego, and doctors were forced to amputate his leg. Today, he is courageously learning how to walk again and the brave young man is home after spending almost four months in Rady Children’s Hospital.

He hopes to return to being a kid again where sports like tennis, soccer, golf, and Frisbee can all be enjoyed once more. In a press conference Thursday, the young man said he even hopes to be riding a skateboard in due time. The first step is starting to walk again.

“It’s not fun, but it’s just one of those things where you have to get through, or else you won’t be able to do anything else,” he said. “A few weeks ago, I couldn’t get in my chair by myself. It was taking a long time, and I tried, but I fell. But now I can do it.”

Police found driver of the San Diego city garbage truck not at fault.

Increasing safety in your neighborhood

Whether you live in the city or on the outskirts of San Diego, every neighborhood needs to have proactive parents and guardians who can take additional action to reduce speeds and increase awareness on their streets. Of course, not every children’s injury in San Diego is avoidable – but joining forces to help stop needless accidents like these is a step in the right direction for every resident including adults and children alike.

Try these ideas in your area:

Install a “Slow Down” sign

Lawn signs are a great way to make drivers aware of children in the area. Be sure when installing your lawn sign, you are using it in recommended areas such as a front lawn, side yard, or bush area. Do not place the yard sign in the street since it can inadvertently cause a traffic accident.

Get involved with your city

In a recent blog post, we told you the city of Poway recently installed a 4-way traffic stop at a dangerous intersection after one resident was killed at that location. Dozens of parents came forward telling the city that change needed to be done – and fast. You can take action like that in your neighborhood if you know a certain intersection or road is unsafe.  Call your city or attend city council meetings and voice your thoughts to spur change in your area.

Give kids non-negotiable rules

Until your city makes the necessary changes in tandem with your efforts to make streets safer, consider giving your children a set on “non-negotiable” rules that include off-limit areas. If you’re aware that sidewalk play is too dangerous for your busy street, let your children know and designate what is acceptable. For instance, while sidewalk play is off-limits, you can encourage your child to play at a nearby park instead.

If your child is injured

Unfortunately, some injury accidents in San Diego can and will happen. If you suspect that another person is at fault for your child’s injury, call our children injury attorneys in San Diego at 1-858-551-2090 for a free consultation to learn your legal rights. We can help – call us today for a no-cost evaluation.