And American kids think that they have it hard.

Little do they know that in China all kids are required to salute every passing car on their way to school and on their way home from classes.  Not one car should pass without the children acknowledging its prescense on the road.  This is an effort among Chinese government officials to reduce the amount of pedestrian accidents on their roads, as well as raise awareness in kids in regards to being safe on busy streets.

Our pedestrian accident lawyers know that car accidents involving people walking along the side of the road usually end in a bad way.  Either there is a case of serious personal injury to both the pedestrian or the driver of the car or, more likely, the possibility of wrongful death to the pedestrian.

Some critics of this edict have wagged a finger at China for making children perform inane gestures as opposed to building speed bumps and stoplights that would actually reduce the chances of pedestrian accidents from happening.  On the other hand, how bad could anything be if it make sure that there are less distracted drivers on the road and that pedestrians are making themselves known?

Too often pedestrians are put at risk and lose their lives because not only are the drivers on the road not paying attention, but they as pedestrians do not know how to travel safely on the road when not in a vehicle.  Some of the best things to do as a pedestrian are:

  • Look both ways before crossing the street
  • Obey all traffic signs and only walk when signals indicate
  • Never walk in the road or gutter

This might not be China and their methods might not be perfect, but raising awareness about pedestrians to everyone on the road could very well save lives in the future.  Together, we can walk towards less pedestrian accidents in our community.

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