Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys have been doing what we can to help people in states across the country (especially the southern states) get the help they need dealing with a serious products liability matter having to do with defective Chinese drywall.

Many of those people are lost and confused after such bad news with no idea how to report or fix the problem, but we want to give you the information you’ll need.

In Louisiana, for example, the Louisiana Recovery Authority (LRA) urges homeowners who thing they may have defective Chinese drywall to report problems to the state.  A federal consumer product safety commission wants each state to count every case of drywall problems.  Citizens of Louisiana can visit the LRA’s website or call at 1-866-684-1713.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends you follow these four steps:

  1. If you have health symptoms of nausea and headaches, contact your physician as soon as possible.  If you have any electrical or fire safety issues, call your local gas or electric company quickly.
  2. Contact your local officials and report your concern and get direction for help.
  3. Report your home to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission with a form found at their website.
  4. Contact your insurance company and homebuilder to report your potential problem.

The personal injury attorneys who work at our  believe that if you even think your home may have drywall with the sulfuric design defect, contact officials just in case.  You never know.  You may think you’re house isn’t affected, but a professional can reveal so much more.

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