U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tests of high-sulfur Chinese drywall have confirmed differences between the imported and non-imported drywall.  The Chinese drywall has had 365 reported complaints, and has led to property damage and personal injury.

The new EPA tests showed the Chinese drywall contained sulfur that was not in U.S. drywall.  Strontium, a metallic element, was found at levels 10 times as high as in U.S. drywall.  Two other compounds found in acrylic paint that were not detected in any U.S.-made material.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys know that many products on the market have the potential to cause product liability related injury.  Homebuilding products are among some of the top possibilities.  Chinese drywall contains this type of sulfur which can lead to bone cancer if exposed too much.

Tools can cause serious personal injury as well.  Using a hammer can lead to breaking a finger that was mistaken as a nail.  Not paying attention while using an electric saw can lead to accidentally severing fingers, limbs or arteries that can lead to extreme medical treatment or even worse, wrongful death.

High-sulfur Chinese drywall has been blamed for fumes causing an odor of rotten eggs, metal corrosion and health problems in homes mostly in the Southeast.  Senator Bill Nelson said the EPA has determined more tests are needed including air sampling in affected houses to determine whether the drywall is actually the cause of personal injury.

The personal injury attorneys at our San Diego law firm believe companies might be ruled by a court of law as responsible if their products lead to personal injury.  From toys and cars to homebuilding materials, all companies should make sure their products do not have the potential to cause personal injury or wrongful death.

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