Chinese manufacturers made more than half of the products that were recalled in the U.S. last year, but few of them paid any price in products liability lawsuits for producing defective products.

Our firm’s personal injury lawyers in San Diego believe that all companies, regardless if they are Chinese or not, who operate carelessly can be liable if illnesses and products liability related injuries that result from their defective products.

Chinese manufacturers are difficult to sue for personal injury.

There is a long list of defective Chinese products that caused many Americans personal injury:

  • Chinese drywall that contains asbestos
  • Chinese-made highchairs whose seat backs failed
  • steam cleaners whose users suffered burn injuries
  • bikes whose front-wheel forks broke
  • saunas that overheated
  • illuminated exit signs that stopped working when commercial power failed
  • dune buggies whose seat belts broke on impact
  • coffee makers that overheated and started fires

The list also included loosely knotted soccer goal nets that entrapped and strangled a child, and a toddler suffered a wrongful death after a toy chest whose poorly supported lid fell on his neck.

Chinese manufacturers are not held responsible for their defective products as they evade trial in the U.S. simply by persuading judges that their companies had no business presence in the states.  That’s not hard for Chinese manufacturers, who rely on independent importers to sell to the American market.

Still, Chinese and other foreign manufacturers continue to produce faulty and dangerous goods because there is no immediate threat of products liability lawsuits.

The San Diego personal injury attorneys at our firm believe, once all evidence confirms their wrongdoings, companies should take responsibility for negligence in products liability lawsuits.  If the makers of a defective product that causes a loved one or you personal injury isn’t held responsible for their negligence what should you do?

Hiring an experienced San Diego personal injury attorney will help you get the maximum settlement you deserve to help pay for medical bills or pain and suffering.

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