It symbolizes the beginning of the new year, and because of that, New Year’s Eve is considered the biggest party night of the year.  With big parties, drinking is the desire of some, but hopefully not that many people made the mistake of getting behind the wheel drunk.

But it doesn’t look like that was the case this New Year’s Celebration.  According to the California Highway Patrol, arrests for drunk driving and car accidents over the New Year’s holiday were up across the board in 2009 when compared to their 2008 numbers.

Our San Diego car accident lawyers are concerned with this rise in numbers because it is further proof that some drivers continue to be irresponsible with their choices.  With all of the stats that come out every year displaying how dangerous drunk driving is, too many drivers continue to take the risk.

Preventing car accidents caused by drunk driving is a responsibility everyone should take.  If you drink, don’t drive.  Call a cab.  Call a friend.  Never start the car.  Tips like that and other ways to prevent drunk driving can be found at our DUI prevention resource page.  There, you’ll also find links to organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous if you or someone you know may have a drinking problem.

The California Highway Patrol made 83 arrests in San Diego County alone for DUI charges between New Year’s Eve and January 3 compared to 73 in 2008.  San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said a group of 14 law enforcement agencies made over 800 DUI arrests in their sectors between December 18 and January 3.  Last year, that same group, called the Avoid Campaign made only 496.

Statewide, the CHP made over 1,200 DUI arrests during the New Year’s Period, which is up from 986 last year.  Wrongful deaths happened in 30 car accidents compared to last year’s 19.

Our car accident attorneys in San Diego want to stop car accidents from happening before they are even a thought to get started.  Drivers need to be responsible with their choices, and they have to make the right ones and not ones that can potentially cause injuries or wrongful death.

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