As Chrysler is in the midst of bankruptcy their partner Fiat, an Italian automobile manufacturer, engine manufacturer, financial and industrial group, says it would be an unfair burden if they had to be responsible for products liability lawsuits filed over the personal injury and wrongful deaths from car accidents involving vehicles built by the old Chrysler.

Our San Diego auto accident attorneys believe that car crashes can be an emotionally traumatic incident in your life by causing personal injuries and that design defects are a top cause of car accidents, and the personally injured deserve their shot at justice.

Fiat was responding to concerns raised last week by several consumer groups and plaintiff’s lawyers who asked Judge Arthur J. Gonzalez, the federal bankruptcy judge overseeing Chrysler’s reorganization, for help on the liability issue.  A major worry was that the new Chrysler would not be responsible for future product liability suits filed by people who already have Chryslers, Dodges or Jeeps.  That means current owners could not sue the new Chrysler should they be injured as a result of a safety defect.

In a filing on Tuesday, lawyers for Fiat said it was unfair to make the new Chrysler pay “unknowable, but potentially vast, sums of money to tort claimants for injury caused by vehicles that Purchaser had no role in putting on the road.”  Fiat asked a judge to allow the new Chrysler to be free of such potential costs.

Suppose a loved one or you were involved in a car accident that resulted in a personal injury.  What if your personal injury or wrongful death was due to a design defect in the car you were driving?  Wouldn’t you want the car manufacturer who put a defective product in their car to be held responsible for the emotional trauma and pain and suffering you endured?

Being auto accident attorneys in San Diego, we believe that everyone should drive safely and accordingly to the rules of the road, but to also have the best car insurance policy available.  If a car accident should occur, it is best to immediately find help.

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