“To serve and protect” is a motto on many police officer’s cars.  Their job is to help you.  Whether its apprehending a violent suspect, getting shot at by a convicted felon or being involved in a high speed chase, everyday police officers are in harm’s way.

Why?  Because it’s their job.

Still many situations that injure or cause wrongful death to officer’s could have been avoided.  In recent San Diego pedestrian accident news, a police officer who was apprehending a suspect was hit and injured by a drunk driver.  While placing the suspect into the back of his police cruiser the police officer was hit by a drunk driver who side-swiped his car.

Drunk driving is one of the top causes of car accidents and injury to not only drivers but pedestrians as well.  If only the driver had taken a cab and decided not to drive recklessly by drinking and driving the police officer would not have found himself in harm’s way.

The officer’s left foot was run over and the right passenger mirror hit him in the back.  Luckily the officer did not sustain severe injuries, but he was still taken to the hospital where they tended to his minor injuries.

Our San Diego firm’s personal injury attorneys know that police officers lay their life on the line everyday.  If you or a loved one have been involved in a pedestrian accident like this police officer, hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer could help ease any pain and suffering you may have, along with spreading the the word about preventing future drunk driving incidents from happening in our community.

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