Occasionally, the tragedy of a car accident can lead to future positives like increased awareness, more advanced safety features or new organizations dedicated to preventing wrongful death car accidents.

One man, 50, was honored as the Oakley, California “Citizen of the Year” on May 13, 2009. This “citizen of the year” is a new city council member and a co-founder of the Friends of Oakley Community Foundation that holds clean-ups and food and toy drives.

Our firm’s car accident attorneys are encouraged when tragic stories lead to new foundations designed to prevent or help people who may or may not have been in car accidents.  When you get in a car accident, a lot of the time things can seem hopeless as you attempt a full recovery and undergo number medical treatments, but there is hope even in the darkest hour.

Along with his wife, the man founded the Network of Care after their daughter’s wrongful death car accident in 2000.  The Network of Care Foundation helps feed families of hospitalized children.  The foundation has fed more than 39,000 families in 40 hospitals in California.  More serious car accidents can lead to wrongful death, and sometimes the loss of a child inspires parents to create new awareness programs and foundations.

Our car accident lawyers know how tragic car accidents can be especially if they lead to the wrongful death of a child.  The death o this man’s daughter, while unfortunate, led to the creation of new foundations that help children and other drivers in California.

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