A trial lawyer with Hollywood fame from the movie “A Civil Action”, has filed a class action lawsuit in a Middlesex Superior Court on behalf of three drivers who maintain that the tolls paid at the Massachusetts Turnpike are an “illegal tax.”

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers believe that taxpayers deserve to have the tolls they pay on roads be put to improving the condition of local and national roadways.  If streets are not maintained for safety they could cause car accidents, personal injuries, and even fatal automobile accidents.

The class action lawsuit claims that the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority diverts proceeds from the Pike’s tollbooths to other projects and states that tolls money should only benefit the roads they provide access to.

Say you got into a car accident—an auto accident which resulted in you suffering a whiplash injury and spinal cord injury—and the cause was directly due to poor road conditions.  But you are confused because you expected the road to be more suitable for driving since you paid a toll on it.

Should organizations like the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority be liable at fault for your personal injuries if the fees from the road’s tollbooth were moved to another project in the city or state?

According to officials, if this class action lawsuit goes forward, estimated liability on Pike’s part is at least $300 million.  The class action lawyer stated that this is not a cash grab-and-go, but that this class action lawsuit seeks to “get the toll-payer a seat at the table.”

Our personal injury lawyers in San Diego think that government organizations should use taxpayer’s money in the way they are meant to be.  And if that money is not used to improve a road, a measure that could stop car accidents before they happen, these organizations should be held accountable for personal injuries and fatal automobile accidents that happen on them, right?

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