According to research, more than 30,000 individuals in California are seriously injured as a result of drug-related or alcohol related car accidents every single year. 2000 victims are killed every single year in the same kind of truck accidents.

The blood alcohol level requirements for driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated vary based on the driver’s age and whether or not the vehicle is commercial or private. You could be convicted of DWI or DUI in California if you are:

  • Over age 21 with a BAC of 0.08% or higher
  • Under age 21 with a BAC of 0.01% or higher
  • Operating a commercial vehicle of any type with a BAC of 0.04% or higher

Several different parties could be held responsible in a drunk driving accident. For example, a victim might have a claim against the driver of the truck or the truck driver’s employer (the trucking company.) If defective parts led to the accident, another third party claim might name the manufacturer of those parts. Since these cases can become complex quickly, it’s important to consider all possible angles before moving forward with a case.  

Due to the weight and size of a commercial truck, the injuries from an accident like this can be devastating. A victim may suffer serious pain for years to come or have to go through multiple surgeries and treatment types in order to recover. Most individuals who have been hurt in a DUI commercial truck accident in San Diego will never fully recover.