Common Causes of Truck Accidents on the Road

A large number of personal injury incidents each year occur from truck collisions. These massive vehicles are temperamental, and even with skilled drivers, they can be risky to be next to on the road.

There are many factors associated with the trucking industry that catapult truck accidents to the top of the list when it comes to accidents that result in bodily harm and personal injury lawsuits.

Trucking Industry Hazards Related to Trucking Accidents

What are some of the dangers of trucking accidents? Here are some of the most common causes of truck accidents.


Truck drivers are required to drive cross-country hauls in short periods of time. Many drivers attempt to complete the drive faster by hauling through the night. Sleep deprivation impairs any human’s awareness and functionality, but the condition is especially dangerous when operating an 80,000-pound machine.

Inexperienced Drivers

If a driver is fresh from training and an unexpected complication causes a spinout or fish tail, it is incredibly difficult to regain control of a large vehicle moving at a high speed. Unfortunately, a driver’s inexperience and inability to regain control has led to people being hurt or killed.

Truck Drivers Ignoring Traffic Laws

Some big rig drivers are known to ignore traffic laws because they assume that the sheer magnitude of their vehicle will intimidate other drivers to allow them to blow through a traffic light or cut off smaller cars.

Poor Judgement and/or Distracted Truck Drivers

18-wheeler big rig drivers face much more devastating consequences when their poor judgement or distraction initiate an accident. It is necessary for truck drivers to remain incredibly focused and cautious. This can be difficult, due to their work schedules.  

Poor judgement of speed has been a major cause of trucking related accidents that result in injury and death. Unlike regular-sized vehicles, which are easier to bring to a halt with braking, a big truck that is going faster than its legal limit is almost impossible to control should something go wrong.

Impaired Driving

The legal limit of blood alcohol content (BAC) for a driver to operate a standard-size vehicle is 0.08. The legal BAC limit for truck drivers is reduced by 50% to 0.04, due to the obvious increased risks of an impaired driver behind the helm of such a massive vehicle. 

Even one drink can impair basic functions necessary for operating a large truck, such as:

  • Motor functions
  • Reaction time
  • Depth and spatial perceptions and judgments
  • Concentration and understanding

All of these abilities are necessary when driving a truck, yet there have been incidents in which alcohol has impaired a driver in their capacities. These situations have resulted in innocent civilians suffering injuries, and in some cases, they have caused fatalities.

While actions have been taken to limit the ability of a truck driver to consume alcohol to the point of impairment, there has been an influx of methamphetamine use amongst the trucking industry impairing drivers, as well.

The pressure to complete long hauls as quickly as possible has influenced some truck drivers to boost their ability to stay awake with illegal narcotics. Although the driver may feel awake after not sleeping for a few days through continuing drug use, their mind is likely to be impaired while on drugs, which means that they can be a serious danger on the road.  

Dangerous Roads

Some trucking routes can be especially dangerous. Alternatively, a trucker could have taken the wrong exit and ended up on a road that was not designed for such large vehicles. Even the most experienced trucker will struggle with high-pressure circumstances, which increases the likelihood of making mistakes.

Malfunctioning of the Truck

Although trucking companies are instructed by law to constantly ensure the functionality of their vehicles, there will always be a risk of faulty brakes or loose tires on a truck.

Truck maintenance requires a significant investment, and truck companies and truck owners may sometimes make the grave mistake of cutting corners to save money. The result is subpar systems that may result in injuries and fatalities.  

Have You Been a Victim of a Trucking Accident?

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A lawyer will help you with discovering and procuring evidence to bolster your claim, communicating with insurance agencies, translating complicated legal documents, and ensuring that any compensation awarded is paid in full.

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