More states in America are passing new laws to improve the education of coaches and athletes in dangers of concussions in sports.  Connecticut became the newest state to either create new laws for that purpose or strengthen old ones.

Our brain injury lawyers agree with the recent movement of concussion education, management, protection and prevention.  If the people in charge of these athletes are fully educated, making concussions easier to spot which speeds up treatment and recovery time.  It also reduces the possibility of second-impact syndrome, a potentially fatal brain injury.

New laws in Connecticut aim to educate coaches and athletes about concussions.

Connecticut lawmakers passed the bill in an attempt to help coaches and trainers recognize concussion symptoms that will now call for these athletes to be taken out of games if those signs present.  The Senate gave final approval to the law moving it to the governor’s desk for signature.

The legislation requires all coaches permitted to teach intramural or interscholastic sports get periodic training about knowing when a player has a concussion and treating the concussion.  A student taken off the field for a suspected concussion cannot return to play until professional medical clearance is given.

If the law is signed, Connecticut becomes the third state to have a concussion awareness law on the books.  A similar law is awaiting on the Massachusetts Legislature.

Our brain injury lawyers in San Diego support government legislation that takes a stand on such a dangerous condition.  The state of California currently has new concussion laws on its books to help in the recognition, prevention and treatment of concussions, and with all of the recent press on concussions, it’s only a matter of time before similar laws exist in all 50 states.

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