A former political representative pled guilty to drunken driving charges on April 13 in Virginia after being arrested last May.

A politician from New York was convicted of the drunk-driving (DUI) charge later that year in October after his lawyers failed to challenge the accuracy of the breath analysis machine.

The congressman had been involved in politics since 1997, so keeping his record clean would have made complete sense.  When he was originally charged with the drunk-driving (DUI), he announced that he would not be running for a seat in the New York City Council as a result of the negative publicity.

His political career took a turn after this drunk-driving DUI charge, but how much worse would it have been if his drunk-driving (DUI) caused a car accident that led to the serious injury or wrongful death auto accident.

The congressman ran a red light in Alexandria, Virginia, and when he was pulled over by police, he registered a blood-alcohol level of .17.  As a result, he was sentenced to a $250 fine, loss of privileges to drive in Virginia and serve five days in jail over two weekends at the Alexandria Detention Center.

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles , the first offense drunk driving DUI charge carries the $250 and the one year license suspension.  The five days in jail was added on in this case.  As San Diego car accident attorneys, we are encouraged to see courts in Virginia making an example of Fossella’s drunk driving DUI charge.  Politicians are not above the law, and those people need to be punished for their crimes as well.

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