It is a hot summer day and you are lounging buy the pool.  As you reach down into your cooler to grab an ice cold cola — to go with your chili dogs, potato salad, and chips — did you realize that, upon buying that soda, it could help millions of Americans help pay their medical bills.

Or could it?

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers believe that when you get in a car accident and are experiencing a personal injury, the last thing you want to think about is how you are going to get help to pay the medical bills once you get your health under control.

Well, now there is a plan to help with the financing of healthcare and cutting the cost of medical bills and you could be drinking one from a can right now.

The United States Congress is considering funding nationalized healthcare through a soda tax that would assist in the paying of an injured person’s medical bills.  U.S. government members have been talking about such a tax—which would not just apply to diet soda or real juice—as a way to help pay for expanded health insurance to cover the cost of a doctor’s medical bills.

But there are people in the government who represent organizations fiercely against the soda tax, namely because they will be the ones who’s pockets get tapped to pay the medical bills because the manufacture soft drinks.

Our firm’s personal injury lawyers in San Diego believe that the United States government should find a solid plan, financially sound and readily available for all citizens, to ensure that injured persons will not have to worry about paying medical bills when they go to the hospital.

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