After several California youngsters suffered serious brain injuries as a result of getting hit by baseballs hit by aluminum bats, some regulators want to ban aluminum bats to prevent more serious sports-related brain injuries.

Our brain injury lawyers believe that if there is some correlation between serious sports-related brain injuries and aluminum bats, maybe those bats should be banned at the high school level to prevent teenagers from getting concussions and other brain injuries.

Should aluminum bats be banned for use in high school baseball?

In Long Beach, California, you can find a 15-year-old teen, a baseball player at Jordan High School, practicing with his team after getting out of the hospital following a serious brain injury caused by a baseball that was put into play an aluminum bat.

According to details provided by NBC Los Angeles, the young man was hit in the head by a baseball traveling at more than 100 miles per hour, resulting in a brain contusion and blood spotting.  He is currently out of the lineup for at least three months, and when it happened, he wasn’t too sure how bad he was hurt.

“I didn’t feel it, but as soon as I hit the ground I started feeling a whole bunch of pain,” he told NBC Los Angeles.

Jordan High School baseball players, much like other high schools in the United States, use aluminum bats.  California law makers are looking to ban these bats after several other teenagers suffered serious brain injuries on similar plays.  Before a ban, however, a suspension of metal bat use would be in place for two years while experts analyze how safe these bats are.

Supporters of aluminum bats say there isn’t enough evidence to support a ban, but this young man’s coach tends to disagree since he suffered a concussion and two broken bones after getting hit back in his playing days.  He sees the suspension as a good thing not only for safety reasons, but because he believes metal bats make it easier to get hits.

Our brain injury lawyers in San Diego support the investigation of these on-the-field tools if it is proven that aluminum bats hit baseballs that travel faster than wooden bats.  If so, then maybe it is about time that metal bats are banned for the protection of teenagers who love to play America’s Pastime for fun or as a potential career in the big leagues.

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