While the left lane is the more popular choice when you need to get around a slower-than-usual driver or when you’re in a hurry, choosing to drive there more often could put you at risk of being another victim of car accidents in San Diego. There are other reasons, though, that it turns out the fast lane might be something you want to avoid wherever possible.

When you’re in the center or the right lane on a road, you have a lot more opportunites to “escape” if there should be a sudden problem. This is because you can easily change lanes, pull onto the shoulder, or take an exit ramp.

Furthermore, the majority of car accidents in San Diego happen in the left lane. Simply choosing to only use this lane when you need to change or take a left exit could reduce your risk of being hurt in an accident and having to file a personal injury claim.

As a final reason to avoid the left lane, you are less conspicuous to highway patrol and police officers when you’re in the right lane. The majority of officers targeting speedsters and other lawbreakers are parked in the median with easier visibility for those in the left lane. It turns out that avoiding the left lane might not only prevent you being hurt in an accident, but it could also be extremely beneficial for reducing the chances of being hit with a speeding ticket, too! Stay within the speed limit and drive safely to avoid becoming a victim in one of the all-too-common car accidents in San Diego.